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Moving forward with a GIANT step

In 2017 I decided to decorate an outbuilding, and turn it into a space for people to gather and create, with a conscious heart and mind.  It was hard effort and work, whilst juggling 4 home ed kids, a business and life in general.

I did it, and in January I hosted my first meeting, a small group with just friends.  We did a guided meditation and made a creation – a mood board for 2018, what we all desired for this year.

It worked out well, the electricity kept dipping, but that’s a teething problem I sorted.  Freezing temperatures outside, but we were nice snug and warm inside.  Luckily it all went well and everyone produced some amazing work.

So January went smoothly and I am on track in my plan.  Baby steps at first, but slowly getting there.


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Seaside campfires and the hope of Spring

It’s a cold, still, winters day. The sky is a magical, bright, bright blue and the sun shines at her brightest. The dark grey skies of days before have faded. Today is a day of promise and hope of the Spring that is to come. We fill our bags with goodies to eat, to share with our friends. We are all excited. A short walk along the beach, tiptoeing over the seas puddles it leaves behind. We arrive excited. We heave our logs from home onto the communal fire, and huddle to get warm. The bright sun shines. The seagulls cry their squawks and the children dance up and down the shore line, squealing with delight at their discoveries. The seas leaves her magical deposits on the shoreline, enticing us to pause and touch her treasures.

We rest, eat and chatter, as long as we can before the cold eats our bones. We hurry home full of fresh air and laughter. We know it’s a long time before we have another perfect blue sky day. But we are full for now, back to our winter hibernation by the fireside.

Vegan recipe

1 cup  Organic Whole Wheat Flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup almond milk or dairy-free milk of choice
2 tablespoons olive oil or melted coconut oil
2 tablespoons maple syrup or sugar of choice
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
More oil to grease your pan/skillet, if necessary


Gorse bushes- Ulex – foraging -sayings.

Have you ever had the time to stop and smell the yellow flowers of The Gorse bush?  I always say it smells of Hawaiian topic sun lotion!

Gorse bushes always seem to be in flower, hence there is a saying : “When gorse is out of blossom, kissing’s out of fashion”.💋

You can find more detail here about the Gorse bush.

You can find details here about eating the  Gorse Flowers.




St Davids day – the real meaning of asceticism

Today is the first of March, in Wales UK we traditionally celebrate St Davids day, the children wear a daffodil, or wear the traditional Welsh costume. For years I have tagged along with the tradition, yet not really questioned what it really is all about.

St David was recognised for his asceticism. He thought that in order to gain a spiritual goal, we should abstain from worldly pleasures. We can practice in solitude or be part of society.

He died in 589, and people were having the same inner turmoils about worldly pleasures, and they didn’t even have Amazon at their fingertips!!

Have we always realised that greed for more, makes us eternally unhappy? When did this start I Wonder? What age does it start? In my children I remember them whining that they wanted this or that. It is a human condition of the mind, to want is to feel good, yet once had …… doesn’t have that same feeling. It cycles into wanting and needing more. Once we can turn off this cycle for wanting and needing more (and in our Western World with temptation all around us) this is our own inner journey.

For the month of March, I will try practice less unnecessary want and need for material possessions. It will be hard!

Would you like to join me on this journey?


Sphagnum moss

We found this stunning sphagnum moss whilst hiking in the Welsh Snowdonia range.

The environment was extremely damp and boggy, and almost impossible to walk in.

Sphagnum moss can hold up to 26 times it’s dry weight. You can learn about it more If you look here.

Nothing eats this moss, but it creates an essential habitat for many microscopic plants and animals.

See if you can spot any on your walks.

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Carving names in trees

So why do we have the fascination as a child to carve our name in trees? Is it because we see ancient towering trees graffitied with notes of love, or our ancestors names, eternally engraved for everyone to see, forever captured In time?

My first memory of tree carving, was my grandfathers friend, who carved his grand children’s names in a tree, by the graveyard he was buried in. Now these children in their 50s can run their fingers over their initials, fondly remembering their grandfather, encapsulated in time.

As I grow older I am aware of the damage tree carving does to the tree, so I tell my little ones to be gentle, and not to go deep, so it does not damage and it does not expose the under layers.

Eternal, forever.

January, Vegetable patch

Seed potatoes

I enjoy this time of year, the promise of the gardening ahead.  I have bought my potatoes ready to put in the garden, and they are nestled in my potting shed chitting away.

This year I have purchased Early potatoes (these you can harvest a lot quicker than your main crop. They  are like a new potato) and main crop.  I have bought Maris Piper and King Edwards.
When you purchase your seed potatoes take them out the bags and leave them to chit.
It is essential that you chit your early potato seeds.  To chit a seed potato, place it in a light space (not bright light) which is frost free , it allows the roots to grow easily.

Lie them Rose end up, (if you look closely at your potato you can see lots of dents and eyes in the potatoes, that is the rose end.)

One potato seed can produce up to 10 potatoes. So work out how many your family will need and purchase that many.

When the roots are 3cm long they are ready to plant out :-

First earlies you can plant in late march
Second earlies mid April
Main crop mid to late April

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My little window

When we first bought the property,  I dreamed of watching kids playing in a garden.  It took 20 years to build this dream and we got there.  The majority of the renovation has been done ourselves, we learnt the hard way. No google!  I read a readers digest DIY manual in my dinner hours at work,  and talked to people.  Saving up for wood and materials.  We were given our tools by older relatives who had them stashed away in cupboards.  The majority of our stuff is second hand.  I have encountered many electric shocks …..none fatal! I hold a drill and drill bits like my knife and fork.  I can mitre door frames, put up skirtings, shelves, plasterboard, hang doors , brickwork, pointing, gardening, animal care well the list is endless,   The only thing I haven’t done is plaster, but I do know if I needed to, I could.

I always remember my sister-in-law standing in this exact spot, she breathed out dragons breath it was so cold, and she said we were mad wanting to live here! We had no heating but a fire and cold water.  You will see the finished product, the end of our journey, but the beginning of the relaxation.

Our children have watched us build and grow, they learn by watching and getting involved.

Life is a journey, I enjoyed this one immensely , I hope to share some of our achievements with you.