Conscious living, Home

My little window

When we first bought the property,  I dreamed of watching kids playing in a garden.  It took 20 years to build this dream and we got there.  The majority of the renovation has been done ourselves, we learnt the hard way. No google!  I read a readers digest DIY manual in my dinner hours at work,  and talked to people.  Saving up for wood and materials.  We were given our tools by older relatives who had them stashed away in cupboards.  The majority of our stuff is second hand.  I have encountered many electric shocks …..none fatal! I hold a drill and drill bits like my knife and fork.  I can mitre door frames, put up skirtings, shelves, plasterboard, hang doors , brickwork, pointing, gardening, animal care well the list is endless,   The only thing I haven’t done is plaster, but I do know if I needed to, I could.

I always remember my sister-in-law standing in this exact spot, she breathed out dragons breath it was so cold, and she said we were mad wanting to live here! We had no heating but a fire and cold water.  You will see the finished product, the end of our journey, but the beginning of the relaxation.

Our children have watched us build and grow, they learn by watching and getting involved.

Life is a journey, I enjoyed this one immensely , I hope to share some of our achievements with you.


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