January, Vegetable patch

Seed potatoes

I enjoy this time of year, the promise of the gardening ahead.  I have bought my potatoes ready to put in the garden, and they are nestled in my potting shed chitting away.

This year I have purchased Early potatoes (these you can harvest a lot quicker than your main crop. They  are like a new potato) and main crop.  I have bought Maris Piper and King Edwards.
When you purchase your seed potatoes take them out the bags and leave them to chit.
It is essential that you chit your early potato seeds.  To chit a seed potato, place it in a light space (not bright light) which is frost free , it allows the roots to grow easily.

Lie them Rose end up, (if you look closely at your potato you can see lots of dents and eyes in the potatoes, that is the rose end.)

One potato seed can produce up to 10 potatoes. So work out how many your family will need and purchase that many.

When the roots are 3cm long they are ready to plant out :-

First earlies you can plant in late march
Second earlies mid April
Main crop mid to late April

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