Gorse bushes- Ulex – foraging -sayings.

Have you ever had the time to stop and smell the yellow flowers of The Gorse bush?  I always say it smells of Hawaiian topic sun lotion!

Gorse bushes always seem to be in flower, hence there is a saying : “When gorse is out of blossom, kissing’s out of fashion”.💋

You can find more detail here about the Gorse bush.

You can find details here about eating the  Gorse Flowers.




Sphagnum moss

We found this stunning sphagnum moss whilst hiking in the Welsh Snowdonia range.

The environment was extremely damp and boggy, and almost impossible to walk in.

Sphagnum moss can hold up to 26 times it’s dry weight. You can learn about it more If you look here.

Nothing eats this moss, but it creates an essential habitat for many microscopic plants and animals.

See if you can spot any on your walks.

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Carving names in trees

So why do we have the fascination as a child to carve our name in trees? Is it because we see ancient towering trees graffitied with notes of love, or our ancestors names, eternally engraved for everyone to see, forever captured In time?

My first memory of tree carving, was my grandfathers friend, who carved his grand children’s names in a tree, by the graveyard he was buried in. Now these children in their 50s can run their fingers over their initials, fondly remembering their grandfather, encapsulated in time.

As I grow older I am aware of the damage tree carving does to the tree, so I tell my little ones to be gentle, and not to go deep, so it does not damage and it does not expose the under layers.

Eternal, forever.